Tree Removal is Serious Business.

Let the professionals at Castle Tree Art take care of the trees on your commercial or residential property. Our work goes beyond wielding a chainsaw. If you have dead or troublesome trees that need to be cut down, we have the skills and equipment to complete the task without harm. 

Tree Removal

From routine tree removal to dangerous hazardous tree removal, Castle Tree Art provides tree trimming services across South Florida.

Dead, dying, and hazardous trees must be removed. Sometimes trees may be removed to accommodate renovations or because of a change of landscaping needs. Hazardous trees particularly needs to be removed as these pose a danger to property and lives. Sometimes tree removal is performed solely for hurricane-risk abatement.

The arborists at Castle Tree Art have the tools and training required to safely remove trees from your property. In addition to the removal of trees, Castle Tree Art also offers replacement trees, stump grinding, and other supporting services that complete our full line of services.

Tree Trimming

Keep your commercial and residential properties looking neat and clean with tree trimming and shaping services from Castle Tree Art.

This simple project can add value to your home or business while eliminating dangerous hazards. Visual curb appeal has a real affect on real estate values and proper professional tree trimming services play a vital role in creating the perfect look for any property. Proper pruning also helps to ensure a long and healthy life for your landscaping.

Our expert tree trimmers know exactly how to shape and style various types of trees and shrubs, whether a few or dozens of feet off the ground. Hauling of the waste materials is included because with Castle Tree Art, One Call Does It All.

Safety is Key.

Our experts have the training & tools to safely remove trees without damage to vegetation or structures.

Cutting down trees is a dangerous operation that should never be attempted by untrained professionals. Heights, heavy weights, chainsaws and other hazards make removing trees a job for the pros. Castle Tree Art is fully licensed and insured, provided property owner's the utmost in security and professionalism. 

Castle Tree Art has the tools and vehicles to handle tree trimming and tree removal safely for both residential as well as corporate customers. From HOA's to single-family homes, we have the right solution at the right price delivered at the right time.

Have Questions?

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