Prevent and Repair Root Damage to Structures and Other Risks.

Professional Root Pruning

Protect your property's value and visual appeal with South Florida's most trusted experts in root pruning services, Castle Tree Art.

If the roots of a large tree or shrub are negatively affecting your patio, deck, sidewalk, or other structure, call Castle Tree Art. Count on us for expert root pruning as well as removal of the problem tree or shrub. Root pruning is a tough physical job that is not for everyone. We have the tools, talent, and experience to handle the job safely.

Roots can threaten sidewalks, decks, foundations and more. In addition, in high-traffic areas, roots themselves can pose a tripping hazard and their effect on sidewalks can also pose liability issues for businesses and HOA's. Pruning roots and removal of the problem trees saves money in the long run and keeps everyone safe.

Castle Tree Art Goes That Extra Mile

We say it a lot and we say it with pride: One Call Does It All. When roots affect sidewalks, driveways, and patios, Castle Tree Art can help repair damage and restore your sanity.

Our ability to provide complete solutions is what sets us apart. We can repair masonry, pavers, concrete slabs and more. Leveling and patching concrete sidewalks and driveways that have been damaged by roots is an important step in the remediation of root damage.

We also pull, prune, level, and replace paver walkways and patios and can handle any size job from residential to large HOA and Corporate Park accounts. We always leave a jobsite looking better than when we arrived because we take the care and the time to offer a whole-job approach.

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